Coronavirus Cases in DC, Maryland and Virginia Double to 20,000 in One Week

coronavirus quarantine
coronavirus quarantine

In an unfortunate turn of events, the number of coronavirus cases in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. has reached 20000, with the casualty reaching out to almost 700+. If that isn’t enough, the number of unemployed workers in the states has gone over 350, 000 making it a giant burden on the American economy to help them out financially. 

Washington Post mentions how the spike in coronavirus patients could be a direct result of many businesses opening up in the states, leading to mass gatherings of people. The Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan mentioned, “Here in the Washington-Baltimore corridor we’re still heading up that curve … it would really be the worst possible time to put our people out there and endanger them”. 

The state of Virginia has been in a similar state of chaos as thousands teamed up in the city of Richmond to protest against the lockdown. This made the state government publicly display the bill that would allow some businesses to open. 

Although D.C. hasn’t seen a similar struggle to get back on the road, the mayor is expecting the worst. With much lesser funding from the government, this state has to be very cautious as to which businesses to open and when.