Beaches, Parks To Reopen In Jacksonville, Fla., On Friday

Parks To Reopen
Parks To Reopen

On Friday, the parks and beaches of Jacksonville will be open from 5 pm with restrictions. Essential activities can be carried out in places.

 Gov. Ron in the executive order has mentioned a couple of activities as essential. These include biking, swimming, fishing, walking, hiking, surfing and running. However, the guidelines for social distancing has to be followed.

Lenny Curry, the Mayor, looks at it as an opportunity to slowly walk into normalcy. “Please respect and follow these limitations. Stay within the guidelines for your safety as well as for the safety of your neighbors.”, the Mayor said on Thursday.

The beaches will be open during specific hours in the morning as well as evening. The operating hours of the parks will remain the same. Group gatherings and camping overnight are still not allowed.

Nationwide lockdowns have affected the countries and their economy widely. The Government has been discussing safety measures that need to be implemented for resuming operations.

Phased reopening guidance of the U.S. was disclosed by Trump, but he left it for the governors to decide.

On April 1, DeSantis issued an order officially to stay-at-home. The statewide lockdown would last for a month.