Coronavirus Live Updates: N.Y. Extends Shutdown; ‘Call Your Own Shots,’ Trump Tells Governors

Trump administration
Trump administration

The Trump administration announces guidelines to reopen public venues and businesses to revamp the failing economy. The president has reportedly told the governors to decide on when and how they wanted their states to ease restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the country gears up to reopen businesses, New York extends its lockdown till the 15th of May. Face masks have also been made mandatory for New Yorkers venturing out in public. 

While the guidelines emphasize the importance of commerce, it fails to address a set of important issues like international travel restrictions, increasing the rate of tests, etc.

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Friday saw an increase of 2000 coronavirus related deaths making it a total of 30,000. Another 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment, as the new labor report shows. 

Deborah Birx, coordinator for White House Coronavirus taskforce told CNN that community surveillance, expanding testing and contact tracing was a necessity to keep the virus transmission in check. 

Three days after saying that “the president of the United States calls the shots”, Trump traces back in his words by asking governors to call the shots. 

New York governor, Andrew M. Chomp extended the shutdown till May 15 and said that easing of restrictions depends on the data. 


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