Trump unveils three-phase plan for states to reopen amid coronavirus pandemic

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Guidelines have been announced by the President which would potentially allow the states to reopen this Thursday. White House officials confirmed that the governors will be taking the decision for their respective states. Trump added that it will be the next stage of the war against the pandemic and the guidelines will have to be strictly followed during the reopening.

According to him, America has now reached the curve peak. To further preserve the health of the economy, allowing limited functioning will be necessary. Trump added, “Over the long haul, you cannot do one without the other”.

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The states are required to meet one of the gating criteria, prescribed in the guidelines if they want to reopen. Strict vigilance will be in place to mitigate any chance of resurgence. Then there are 3 phases.

In the first phase, movie theatres, restaurants, large sporting hubs, etc. may be opened. The 2nd phase will see the opening of schools, daycare centers, etc. Only in the last phase, visitors will be allowed in hospitals and senior care facilities.

However, this has met with stiff resistance from various stakeholders.