Coronavirus new case counts are falling nationwide, but some states still seeing record numbers

As the Coronavirus pandemic gains momentum, the number of cases in some particular states of the country continues to surge. This is contrasting to the number of cases nationwide which is now on the decline.

These states include Florida, North Carolina, Missouri where the records are pretty distressing. On Tuesday, the number of deaths in 24 hours reached its peak in Florida, whereas in North Carolina, the hospitalized number reached 1244, breaking the record of 1228 on 22 July 2020.

Around forty-five Thousand people have reportedly been infected in Missouri.

The chief of the National Institute of  Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee to get a hold on the rising cases.“We just can’t afford, yet again, another surge” Fauci said in an interview with ABC.

The number of cases nationwide has been on a decline with only 56,336 cases, the seven-day average being 65,083 on Monday, the lowest since mid-July.

Guidelines are being issued and officials are preparing for taking stricter measures in order to control the pandemic.

It must be noted that the pandemic has consumed millions of lives so far. Even though countries have been struggling to control it, the cases have been on the rise ever since it hit in the first half of the year. Vaccine trials are taking place for the same.

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