Lakers To Miss Dennis Schroder For Extended Period Due To Health Protocols


Dennis Schroder, the guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, will have to sit out for 10 to 14 days. This is due to the safety and health protocols of the league. The news was confirmed on Monday by Frank Vogel, the coach.

A Big Hit For The Lakers

On Sunday, the veteran in point guard had to sit out the Lakers’ 114-121 loss against the Toronto Raptors due to the same protocols. This was the second time Schroder had to take an absence which was related to covid-19. In February, he had also sat out four games when contract tracing found indications of exposure. It is not yet known if the player has been vaccinated yet.

The Lakers met several times regarding the matter of vaccination. The first time was in December. The second time was just before the team was to get the first jab on 16th April as per arrangements made by the organization. The whole team received encouragement to get vaccinated.

Vogel said that the entire team was definitely explained in detail all the benefits that would come if as many of the players received their vaccines. They were also told the advantages in competition they would receive. Simply put, it would be advantageous for any lifestyle. If a vaccination rate of 85% could be reached, Vogel said that further team-oriented activities could be organized. It would also involve much less testing.

However, Vogel admitted, that it is the player’s personal choice when it comes down to the final decision and that they have to respect it.

There are eight games remaining for the Lakers in their schedule for the regular season. They are currently the 6th ranked team of the Western Conference. However, their record is the same as the 7th ranked Portland Blazers.

Alex Caruso played in place of Schroder in the game against Toronto.