Coronavirus, Romania: quarantine for those returning from Lombardy and Veneto | Austria blocks the trains for a few hours


14-day mandatory quarantine for those who come from the affected areas in the Lombardy and Veneto regions  (the two most affected by the spread of the coronavirus) or for those who have passed through those municipalities. This is what is provided by the Romanian Ministry of Health. Austria has instead blocked the rail links with Italy for a few hours after the news of two suspected cases on a train. France has no plans to close the borders.

Austria: blockade of trains between Italy and Austria at the Brenner Pass has been lifted. The Austrian railways Obb reported on Twitter. “From Monday you can travel across the Brenner Pass. Anyone who does not wish to travel to Italy can cancel their ticket for Italy with validity February 24, 2020, for free”, said the railways.

France: France has a different opinion. Closing the border with Italy because of the coronavirus “would not make sense”, said French Health Minister Olivier Vèran in reply to Marine Le Pen. “It wouldn’t make sense because a virus doesn’t stop at the border,” he said, adding that he had spoken to his Italian and German colleagues and had agreed to a meeting, “probably next week.” As for transport, “Air France normally operates all its flights to and from Italy“.

Romania: The quarantine in Romania for those arriving from Lombardy and Veneto was decided because of the large flow of people between the two countries. Through a post on Facebook, the ministry said that “all suspected cases will be immediately reported to the public health departments”.

Ischia: In Ischia, however, the prefect of Naples has lifted the ban on disembarkation for residents of Lombardy and Veneto, for Chinese citizens from the areas of the epidemic and for those who have stayed there in the last 14 days. The disembarkation order had been signed by the mayors of the six municipalities of the island off the coast of Naples. “I don’t think it was a good idea,” said extraordinary commissioner Angelo Borrelli commenting on the decision. And in fact then came the decision of the prefect of Naples, Marco Valentini, who canceled the ordinance. “The profiles of illegitimacy found in the ordinance, unjustifiably restrictive towards a large section of the national population and not in line with the measures taken so far by the government”,

The prefect has announced that he has foreseen that the law enforcement agencies have “port identification of citizens from the regions of Lombardy and Veneto and directed to the island of Ischia to ascertain the possible residence of the same in the municipalities of these regions, already identified by the health authority, in which there is a cluster of COVID-19 virus infection “. Basically, we intend to stop only any passengers coming from quarantined areas.

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