Crime Rate Falls But Online Abusers And Domestic Violence are on the Rise, Says Home Secretary Priti Patel at Her First Pandemic Press Brief

Crime Rate Falls
Crime Rate Falls

Home Secretary Priti Patel has revealed that although crime rates have fallen by21 %, fraudsters have taken advantage of the pandemic crisis and conned Britons out of £1.8million, while pedophiles are attacking youngsters, working over the internet.

The Home Secretary said ‘Fraudsters are exploiting coronavirus as a hook for new acquisitive crimes with losses to victims already exceeding £1.8million.’

She further added that child abusers are exploiting the fact that a higher number of children are online now. 

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The first press briefing on the pandemic by the Home Secretary comes after the Government rejected the police’s plea of severe actions against those who break the rules of lockdown.

Meanwhile, In West Midland, 400 suspects of domestic abuse were arrested in two weeks, said the Home Secretary.

Patil further said that the powers of the police in controlling the lockdown will be reviewed as the UK was charged with implementing extraordinary tough tactics to punish the rule-breakers of lockdown.

Speaking about the tenure of lockdown, Patil said, ‘None of us can stand here today… and speculate in terms of when restrictions might move and when they will be lifted’.

The Home Secretary promised the mass that the police is there for protection at all times against such crimes.