Electron Microscope Captures The Exact Moment When A Healthy Cell Is Infected By COVID-19 Virus

African Green Monkey
African Green Monkey

A team of Brazilian researchers has managed to capture the exact moment when a healthy cell is infected by the coronavirus. They have utilized a powerful electron microscope to capture the process through a series of images.

The images were captured by the Brazilian researchers of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation during their study of the replication process of the deadly virus. 

The image series capture in detail the initial attempts of the coronavirus to invade a cell, followed by its successful invasion.

27001418 8204671 The most important image of the three captured by the researcher a 26 1586437713172

27009460 8204671 image a 1 1586447726287

27001420 0 image a 21 1586436208994

27009458 8204671 image a 5 1586447811122

27001416 8204671 In another image viral particles have infected the cell the poin a 25 1586437706020

27009464 8204671 image a 6 1586447863282

The microscope used by the researchers is so powerful that it can magnify objects up to 2 million times their original size. This has allowed them to peep deeper into cells and their mechanisms, and capture the virus.

Fiocruz, a Brazilian institute, clarified that the cells in the slides weren’t human cells. They belonged to the African Green Monkey and are often used in lab tests.

Amongst all the images of the series, the most important image is the one which captures the exact moment when the virus has begun to enter the healthy cell.



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