Kevin Spacey Found Innocent

kevin spacey
kevin spacey

In the 1980s when Kevin Spacey was 26 and Anthony Rapp who was 14 at the time, was allegedly molested by Kevin Spacey. After almost a decade Kevin Spacey was proven innocent by the jury.

Kevin Spacey’s Career May Hit The Road Again

After a three-week trial at the New York state court, Kevin Spacey is found innocent, with the help of the jurors. Where Rapp’s lawyers tried and said Kevin’s testimony was a lie. He is lying on the spot. However, the court proved Kevin innocent and Anthony Rapp lacked evidence to prove his claim whereas Kevin had enough to prove his innocence, which he did eventually.

Kevin Spacey’s lawyer Jennifer Keller thanked the jury for seeing through the false allegations and letting the truth come to the surface. There is a higher possibility of Rapp making up those allegations. As Rapp performed in Precious Sons where he had to do a scene with Ed Harris, where Ed Harris picked up Anthony Rapp thinking it was his wife, and laid on top of him. later discovered it was his son whom he picked up. Rapp must have hallucinated he probably imagined Ed Harris as Kevin spacey.

Jennifer Keller lawyer of Kevin Spacey made the statement pretty clear that Rapp was quite jealous of Spacey and made those false allegations against him, as Spacey’s career was at its peak and Rapp was still struggling with his.

Spacey’s career started running out when he faced other sexual harassment allegations, one in Boston, Massachusetts, he groped a man at the bar, which the prosecutor dropped later. Not only in the United States but also London, he was accused of harassing three men sexually between 2004 to 2015.

This summer Spacey had to pay $30.9million to the makers of “house of cards for sexually harassing crew members. He was exposed as being homosexual at the time Rapp’s allegations came up. Overall he is claiming to be the victim of the circumstances.