Cristiano Ronaldo To Al-Nassr On A Seven Year Deal Might Help Saudi’s 2030 World Cup Bid

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

With the beginning of the Transfer window in January, the biggest news this time will still be Cristiano Ronaldo’s move, possibly to Saudi club Al-Nassr.

There is a lot of rumors about which player will get caught up in the net of which team and football fans are dedicatedly following all those news no matter if it ends up in favor of their favorite club or not. However, a lot of eyes are set on Middle Eastern Club Al Nassr’s bid to swoop in Cristiano Ronaldo.

There are some reports from a reliable Marca source that Al Nassr’s bid includes making Cristiano the face of the Bid of the World Cup of Saudi in 2030.

The seven-year deal offered to Cristiano Ronaldo by Al Nassr will be divided in two different parts in which he will first play for the first thirty months for Al Nassr, and then he will be helping Saudi to win their joint bid with Greece and Egypt to be the host of the World Cup in 2030.

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Support Saudi To Become The Hosts Of The World Cup:

As per news so far, the middle-eastern club is offering two hundred million Euros for every season he will be playing in the country. However, this figure is meant to rise up once he takes his duties as an ambassador.

Since being freed by the Red Devils last month, the thirty-seven-year-old footballing great has been a free agent, but amid news this week of increased confidence from the Saudi-based team, it appears that they’ve finally finalized the deal, with just a deal that would see the star of Portugal bound until 2030.