Man City Are Favorites To Win Carabao Cup As They Defeated the Mighty Liverpool With A Rested Erling Haaland

Manchester City
Man City

Haaland may not like missing out on the World Cup, but a well-rested Erling Haaland is probably the best gift Man City fans could ask for this Christmas.

Liverpool, the defending Carabao Cup Champs are going to miss out on their chance to win the competition two consecutive times as they are going home after facing a defeat against the mighty blues of Manchester. With their dramatic three to two victory against the Reds, Manchester City can enjoy progressing in the competition where they are going to face Southampton when the matches will be starting in 9th January.

Thanks to Riyad Mahrez and Erling Haaland Man City are entering the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup. Despites Liverpool’s efforts to equalize the game by Fabio Carvalho and their star man Mohammed Salah, Nathan Eke sealed the victory for Man City with his header on 58th minute.

Man City Are The Favorites To Win The Carabao Cup:

Man City will now be chasing the Carabao Cup trophy after defeating Liverpool in the competition. However, they are also on the verge of equalizing Pool’s record of winning the trophy nine times.

With all the London Giants like the gunners, Tottenham and Chelsea are all knocked out from the cup race, the major threat to Pep’s Man City is going to be the Red Devils, their next door rivals or probably Newcastle United.

But boss Pep Guardiola with his team are unquestionably favorites to continue dominating the league, regardless of who they need to beat to capture the trophy at Wembley in February.

Only Pool from the previous year and Manchester United from 2017 were able to pry the Efl away from City’s grasp. City have now won 5 of the past 7 competitions.

Guardiola, a former manager of Barça and Bayern, has led Man City to 9 major titles since he took over the side in the summer of 2016, along with a domestic triple in 2018–19.