Lauren Boebert Scrambles To Undo Political Damage: Apologizes To Muslims For Comments Targeting Ilhan Omar

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (Colo.) tried to undo some of the racist hatred she spewed against Ilhan Omar, describing an incident that she had made up entirely. She made up an entire encounter which she then recounted to an audience in her constituency and got a few applauses in return.

In a sickening example of religious bigotry, Lauren Boebert spoke to an audience in Colorado of her ‘jihad squad’ moment. She fibbed about encountering Ilhan Omar in an elevator only to have a police officer run up. Boebert reportedly assured the officer that Ilhan doesn’t carry a backpack and that should be reassuring.

Lauren Boebert also referred to Omar and her staffers as belonging to the ‘jihadi squad.’ She claimed that it was safe as it was just her staffers who talk and Omar was not a tough person as sometimes made out to be.

Ilhan Omar confirmed that the claimed encounter never happened and that the whole story was entirely made up.

Omar said that Lauren Boebert doesn’t even have the guts to look her in the eye and looks down when she meets Omar at the Capitol. She said that it was sad that Lauren Boebert should think that bigotry would get her influence.

Lauren Boebert Say That She Has Tried To Reach Out To Ilhan Omar To Apologize For Her ‘Jihad Squad’ Comment

Critics of Lauren Boebert said that she should be removed from all assignments on committees. Omar referred to Boebert as a buffoon and said that it was sad that Boebert should consider bigotry would give her more clout.

Omar said that it was dangerous to consider anti-Muslim prejudice funny or that it was normal. She added that Congress should not be considered a place for dangerous and hateful tropes who are allowed to get away with racial attacks.

One user on Twitter asked if there was no policy in Congress against workplace discrimination or harassment. She said that under normal circumstances, people lose jobs over such comments. Another user said that Omar had 3 million followers while Lauren Boebert had a few thousand. That should be enough to prove who was taken seriously.