Cuban Protests See Thousands Take To The Streets For A Struggling Economy

cuban protests
cuban protests

In Cuba, thousands of residents have flocked onto the streets to protest against the Communist government of the island. These Cuban protests have become among the largest protests in several decades, for the country.

Cuban Protests Ring With Demand For Downfall Of Dictatorship

The Cuban protests were carried out in almost all major cities. It included Havana, the capital of the country. The protesters were heard shouting a slogan calling for the end of the dictatorship. Pictures have been posted on social platforms regarding the event. In it, security forces are seemingly beating and detaining the protesters.

The Cuban protests have been brought about by general anger due to the collapsing economy. Civil liberties have been restricted as well. The people are also unhappy with the authorities handled the recent pandemic.

In the previous year, the mostly state-controlled economy of Cuba saw a decrease of 11%. This is the worst decline over the past thirty years. Sanctions by the US and the pandemic hit the country’s economy hard.

The streets were also flooded with thousands of Cubans who supported the government. The President had urged the supporters on the television to defend the communist revolution. This is possibly a reference to the uprising in 1959 which was the beginning of the rule of the Communists.

Miguel Diaz-Canel, the President, said that the Cuban protests were being provoked by US-hired mercenaries with the aim of destabilizing the country. He gave his “revolutionaries”, to flood the streets and fight. Julie Chung, the top diplomat from the US in Latin America, tweeted that concerns have risen after Cuba’s “call to combat”.

The Cuban protests had started in San Antonio de Los Banos city. However, it soon reached Havana, and then the rest of the country. Many were streamed live on social media.