Ted Cruz’s Sanctions Bill Might Be Squashed By Democrats

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Most of the Democrats in the Senate have been scrambling to squash the new legislation from Senator Ted Cruz to slap sanctions linked to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Most of the officials from the State Department, at the invitation of the Democrats from the Senate that has been opposing the bill of Cruz, went on the brief a bunch of Democrats, which included senators that have been perceived as swing votes on the sanction bills of the GOP that will be getting a vote in the current week.

In order for this bill to pass through the Senate, Cruz would be needing support from at least 10 senators from the Democratic end. 

Democrats Have been Railing Against Ted Cruz’s Legislation

Senator Chris Murphy, the representative from Connecticut who has been opposing the bill of Ted Cruz and has subsequently helped organize the meeting on Monday, stated that he thought that the momentum was moving towards the Democrats about to block the legislation from Cruz, though he wasn’t really sure if they would be able to keep the number of yes votes from the Democratic end under 10. 

Senator Murphy has further spoken about how Ted Cruz wants to break the United States from Europe, and this amendment would really be something completely unwise- where he doesn’t know if the votes will be landing on it. He added that they have been briefing the group of Senators who they know is still sitting on the fence about the entire saga.

Most Senators have stated that they have considered the pitch from the State Department to be focused on an argument that the amendment of Ted Cruz wouldn’t necessarily prevent or deter Russia from going ahead and invading Ukraine, where it has amassed most of its troops along the border.