Daisy Jones & The Six Reveals Sneak Peek That Breaks Through Billy & Daisy

Daisy Jones & The Six

After kicking off the rocky start in the last episode of the show Daisy Jones & The Six, sprouting rockstar Daisy Jones played by Riley Keough has finally pierced through the chilly external surface of her newest collaborator Billy starring Sam Claflin.

Daisy Jones & The Six Finally Winning Over All The Hearts

In the exclusive peek behind the curtains showing glimpses of the fifth episode of Prime Video’s limited series called Daisy Jones & The Six, the eponymic sprouting rockstar starring Riley Keough has finally made a breakthrough with the newest addition to the band Billy Dunne played by actor Sam Claflin,  the exterior to his chilly characters seems to be falling off soon enough now. 

Following the pair’s rocky start during the first studio sessions of them, Billy and Daisy could be seen getting lunch together at a nearby diner as he starts to sing along to the song playing on the radio. This pops off a question she asks, whether he’s fond of the song to which he replies that he might have stumbled upon it over sublime and it nothing as everyone seems to like this song anyways.

Daisy drops off the bomb by saying she was the one who composed the song, which was much to his skepticism quite unexpected. She added that she wrote the lyrics and some of the parts of its melody which then she corrected later on by stating most of the melody. She asked him to listen to the song carefully and what did he expect that Wyatt Stone had created this.

Upon the information, Billy took in a few moments of silence to take in the music, this time with more attention as he gradually turned over to his collaborator telling her that it is indefinitely a great song.