New Love Triangle In Grey’s Anatomy

grey's anatomy

Meredith Grey has moved to Boston. The sitcom needed a new love triangle. Grey’s Anatomy has come up with plot twists in love. Someone’s heart got broken and someone was found forever. Simone Griffin had to go through the hardest decision of her life. Given her past experiences with Trey. She was at odds with him. Whereas, Lucas is hoping for a chance with Simone.

Grey’s Anatomy Had A Full Rollercoaster Ride 

Trey suddenly showing up in town shook everyone. His presence was overwhelming. Trey’s arrival made everyone uncomfortable. Simone had to apologize for that. Grey’s Anatomy is all about meeting up with people and they become friends. Simone considered everyone present at the party as her people. Trey has insulted each one of them in a grave way.

Grey’s Anatomy is setting up a social bar for men, on how to behave with women. Previously the abortion procedure of Grey’s Anatomy was something the audience was hooked to. This time they are showing how to keep the women they love. Lucas told Simone how she was pretty damn perfect for him.

Simone trying to make things normal between her and Lucas. Ultimately pushed him to the edge. They were together in the bathroom when Trey interrupted. Simone’s word to Lucas was to make sure her ex wasn’t outside anymore. That statement made Lucas very angry and he stormed out of the bathroom.

Later that night Lucas’s heart was broken. Simone accepted the proposal from Trey. Grey’s Anatomy focuses every one except for Meredith Grey. Since she left the hospital, she was shown less. The directors try to focus on everyone. Audiences feel they miss out on many major characters.