Spiderman Ticket Sales Skyrocket Amidst Covid


Spiderman seems to have taken over the world. The recent movie of the franchise has been released. It was expected to be a huge hit. However, no one thought the movie would create such a frenzy. Pre-orders were already experiencing a high. As soon as the movie was released, sales skyrocketed. Almost every theater has a full house for the movie. This is a significant development keeping in mind the recent scenario. 

America is experiencing a spike in covid cases recently. A new Omicron variant is threatening to wreak havoc. The Ministry of Health has already re-enforced the covid mandates. Wearing of masks has once again been made compulsory. Citizens have been asked to strictly maintain physical distancing. 

Most of the theatres have canceled their shows recently. Broadway has postponed a number of its plays. However, the excitement for Spiderman seems to be ignoring everything. More than one million people attended the opening screening of the movie. This is a record in itself. The numbers are the highest for any movie in 2021. Mooky Greidinger is the CEO of a renowned hall. He was astonished at the footfall the movie garnered. Let us learn more about the movie in detail below. 

Spiderman: No Way Home Might Be The Biggest Marvel Movie 

The recent edition of Spiderman has already reigned supreme initially. The opening saw the movie dismantle records. RPX, IMAX, screens & 4DX formats recorded new highs. Greidinger expressed his happiness at the reaction. He stated that it was pleasing to see a full house after the pandemic. 

Greidinger also gave a huge shout-out to Sony pictures. All in all the latest Spiderman movie is threatening to shatter more records. The movie is speculated to generate more revenue than “Avengers: Endgame”. Spiderman: No Way Home has released in theatres on 17th December. 

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