CB Dane Jackson From Buffalo Bills Has Gone Under Medical Care For Evaluation Of His Neck Injury

Dane Jackson
Dane Jackson

Dane Jackson, a cornerback with the Buffalo Bills, is undergoing testing for an unfortunate injury to the neck. While the Tennessee Titans were being defeated 41-7 on Monday, Jackson collided with one of his teammate.

All of Dane Jackson’s extremities move freely, according to what we know so far, He was in the Erie County Medical Center receiving a an X-ray and a City scan.

The coach of the team Sean McDermott said that they are still waiting for the results after the tests and they are all praying for Jackson and the other players injured in the incident.

With less than a minute left in the first half, Tremaine Edmunds, a linebacker with the Bills, was attempting a second-down stop on Treylon Burks the opponent wide receiver when the unintentional contact happened. Dane Jackson’s head struck Edmunds’ helmet, and it seemed to snap back.

Buffalo Bills CB Dane Jackson Went To The Hospital For An Unfortunate Neck Injury Due To Collision With A Teammate:

After the match Edmunds said that it is Undoubtedly a difficult play. He said he just sort of noticed the receiver standing there and attempting to complete the play. The player added that clearly not something he wanted to happen.

He went on to add that he would never attempt to harm a teammate in such a way, but as previously mentioned, the receiver was standing, so he was only attempting to bring him to ground when he unintentionally struck Dane Jackson, a teammate in the process.

Dane Jackson was moving his legs throughout the game, so it was postponed for a few minutes as the trainers responded to him. Then, he was carried onto a stretcher and driven in an ambulance via the stadium tunnel.

As Jackson received care, teammates encircled him, and Edmunds stayed close for practically the whole time.