Joe Biden Preferes Peace Over Ongoing Legal Drama Of His Opponent

joe biden

Ongoing legal drama against former president Trump has kept all the attorneys in the district awake at night. However, the current President Joe Biden is unbothered about everything. These are all just noises. He is dead focused on his re-election in 2024. He beat Trump in 2021 and the consequences can be seen today. He is going to face Trump again in 2024. He has not commented anything regarding this matter. Perhaps he is trying to emerge himself in the 2024 election procedures.

Joe Biden’s New Strategy

The president did not comment on anything that has been going on regarding Trump. The white house has been keeping a close eye on the matter. The outside of the white house assumes the posture of Joe Biden will not likely change anytime soon.

When asked why president Biden is not responding to the situation. A white house democrat has said Biden is the president and not an analyst of any situation. He has a country and administration to run. Whatever is happening outside he is least bothered about it. Rather he chose not to talk about it. Since day one Biden has established a different kind of presidency in the white house.

Even after the capitol attack on January 6th, 2021.Where the former president couldn’t process his defeat and tried to overturn the election result.Speculated it was he who brought the mob to the building. President Joe Biden was present at the moment in the building. He did not run away but stayed there to protect everyone with much bravery. He called the situation battle for the soul of the nation. However, Joe Biden’s silence in this situation is not a surprise. It was quite expected.