Dave Bautista Reveals His Decision Of Leaving The Marvel Franchise

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista, the 52-year-old wrestler, has maintained the type of body that even the ones younger than him cannot. However, even he is not free from the shackles of self-consciousness. The Marvel actor made an appearance on the America talk show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he opened up about some pretty interesting things. He stated that the aversion of his alien alter ego to wearing shirts has an effect on his decision. The decision in question is him leaving the franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the third instrument that is yet to release. 

Dave Bautista Gets Candid

Dave Bautista in his candid conversation with the host, Ellen, stated that it would be difficult for him to carry out the scenes with him being shirtless. And this is because he will probably be 54 years old when the Guardians 3 releases. The actor plays the role of Drax the Destroyer. He further added that it was getting difficult going shirtless for him even now owing to his age.

Dave Bautista had gained sudden popularity in the year 2014 during the inaugural of the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. And also in the year 2017 when its sequel was released. Both the movies are directed and written by the same person, James Gunn. The wrestler turned actor gives all of his credit to Gunn for taking him in for the project. 

Especially at a time when he was an amateur when it came to the movies. This story was first told by him in one of his interviews that took place in the year 2018. Dave Bautista stated that he was left with no job for a total of three years and he struggled a lot during those times. He stated that only a handful of people trusted him and Gunn is among those.