Dave Chappelle Opposes Affordable Housing In Ohio

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is one of the most famous names in American entertainment. He is known for his impeccable comic timing. Chappelle is one of the finest hosts of America in recent times.

Chappelle has recently opposed a housing plan that was proposed by the council of Yellow Springs in Ohio. The council of the village wanted to develop a housing layout that would have been more affordable for the residents.

Dave, however, did not seem to have liked the idea. He vehemently opposed the plan and even threatened to withdraw his investments. Chappelle has a lot of investments in Yellow Springs, which happens to be his hometown.

His company, Iron Table Holdings LLC has a lot of plans for the future. They are planning to launch a luxury restaurant called “Firehouse Eatery”. Dave’s company also has plans to initiate a comedy club.

Chappelle seemed very pissed off at the decision of the council. The council was in talks with Oberer Homes. They thought of devoting 1.75 acres of land to structure homes that would be more affordable for the common people.

Unfortunately, with staunch opposition from Dave Chappelle, the plan got canceled on the table. Let us learn more about the story in detail below.  

Dave Chappelle Threatens To Withdraw Investments 

Dave Chappelle did not seem happy at all with the proposed plan. He stated that he could not believe that they wanted to make Dave audition for it.

He referred to the council as clowns. The star also threatened to withdraw all of his investments if the council did not scrap the plan. The star pointed out that there would be increased traffic if the housing was granted permission. 

With no other option left, the council did cancel the plan. They will now be moving forward with the initial idea.

The initial plan includes one hundred and forty-three single-family homes. These homes will be starting from $300,000.