Ed Sheeran Announces New Venture With Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest names in the music industry at the moment. Sheeran has been delivering quality music that has been praised on an international scale. Ed Sheeran has always been very much keen on music since childhood.

The singer shot to fame with his song “Shape Of You”. The song instantly became viral and is one of the most played tracks to date. Ed has recently shed light on his future plans. The singer has stated that he would be collaborating with Taylor Swift.

This was a huge announcement and fans are already going crazy. Taylor and Ed Sheeran are very good friends. They share a fantastic bonding for a long time. The duo had worked on music albums like ” Everything Has Changed” and “Endgame”.

The singer revealed recently that they will be working on the album titled ” The Joker and the Queen”. This will be a newer version of Sheeran’s track. Sheeran shared the news on Twitter on Wednesday. He also posted a short clip of Taylor Swift singing. Let us learn more details about the story below. 

Ed Sheeran And Taylor Swift To Release A New Song 

Even before the confirmation from Ed Sheeran came, the fans did have a hint about what is to come. The fans noticed that in a recent video, Sheeran wore a leather jacket that had a queen and a joker embedded at the back.

The audience also noticed that on the top corner of the jacket, the letters “Taylor Swift” could be seen. This made the fans almost sure of an upcoming collaboration. 

Ed Sheeran will be redoing the original version of the song with Swift. The song is from Sheeran’s latest album =. Taylor was not a part of the original production but is expected to excel in the new one.

Fans are beaming with excitement at the moment. It remains to be seen how well the song does when it gets released.