Marsha P. Johnson Shown Tribute By Nikkie

Marsha P. Johnson
Marsha P. Johnson

Marsha P. Johnson was also recognized by many as Malcom Michaels Jr. He was an activist for gay rights in the United States of America. He played a major role in the uprising of the 1969 Stonewall. Marsha P. Johnson is loved and respected by many people across the globe. One such admirer was Nikkie De Jager. Jager was among the LGBTQ guests that were invited to lighten up the Met Gala. Nikkie stated that Johnson was her idol and thus, decided to pay a fitting tribute to the “drag queen” at the event. This was Nikkie’s very first appearance at the prestigious Met Gala. 

Marsha P. Johnson Remembered At Met Gala

It is said that good deeds do not die even if your earthly existence perishes. That is exactly the situation with Marsha P. Johnson. The gay rights activist struggled a lot in her days. She faced a lot of criticism for standing up for herself. However, her gritty journey has inspired the LGBTQ community to speak for themselves. 

Nikkie is a youtube sensation. She is one of the many successful LGBTQ individuals. Nikkie is a renowned entrepreneur of cosmetics and beauty. She wore a dress to the event that had the reference to the late Marshall. The youtube sensation wore an aquamarine-colored gown. The gown had the words “Pay It No Mind” woven on it. This phrase was famously used by Marsha P. Johnson. 

Nikkie stated that her team had the idea of paying Marsha P. Johnson a tribute. Jager stated that she designed the gown exclusively for this purpose. Jager came out and revealed her identity to the world in January of 2020. She announced that she was a trans woman. Nikkie has over twelve million followers across social media. 

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