David Ellefson Fired By Megadeth After Claims Of Sexual Misconduct

david ellefson
david ellefson

Megadeth, the band popular for heavy metal, has formally parted ways with David Ellefson, one of its founding members. The decision follows accusations of the bassist grooming an underage girl.

Megadeth To Play On Without David Ellefson

On Monday, the band’s official Twitter account posted the announcement. It read that the post is to inform their fans about David Ellefson no longer being a part of Megadeth musically. Furthermore, they are officially severing ties with David. The band does not consider the decision to have been taken lightly.

It continues that they do not have all the information and details of what happened. However, their relationship was already quite strained. As such, what has come to light presently is too much to consider the band working together with David Ellefson. Moving forward had become impossible together.

59-year-old Dave Mustaine signed the post. He is the lead guitarist of the group which plays thrash metal. He and David were co-founders of the group in 1983. The post ends by saying that the rest of the members are looking forward to meeting their fans this summer, on their road trip. They can hardly wait till they can share their new brand of music with everyone. He said that the music is just about complete.

At the beginning of this month, allegations had surfaced about 56-year-old David grooming a minor girl. Videos and screenshots of the explicit interactions between the pair were shared online.

Ellefson had left the band in 2002 but returned eight years later, in 2010. He had denied all the allegations about the girl being a minor. He had also insisted that all the interactions were completely consensual. He had claimed in his Instagram account, which is now private, that the images and videos were shared with ill intent by an unauthorized third party.  

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