Pierce Brosnan Has A New Comedy, “The OutLaws”, That Just Hit Netflix; Is It A Hit Or A Miss?

Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan

Netflix has a huge week coming up with much-awaited releases lined up that look fascinating in terms of actors as well as content. Some of these releases are “Insidious”, the horror film, the comedy, “Joy Ride” that stars Seth Rogen, and last but not least Pierce Brosnan’s “The Out-Laws”. As a result, Netflix has everything from Bond to Bank Robber in the latest Pierce Brosnan show. 

The world is gearing up for a monster week at the theatres while Netflix is also ready to entertain audiences with several interesting releases. “The Out-Laws” depicts Pierce Brosnan as a charming bank robber that is extremely entertaining and does not disappoint the audience. 

Pierce Brosnan Back As A Bank Robber 

Pierce Brosnan is best known for his role as James Bond and he keeps the charm in his latest Netflix stint as well. This new season of “The Out-Laws” is the fourth installment and has the fifth season already worked out in the cards. 

Besides Pierce Brosnan, “The Out-Laws” also stars Adam Devine, Nina Dobrev, and Ellen Barkin. The star cast is enough to make this show one of the most anticipated comedies on the OTT platform. 

Adam Devine Kisses Pierce Brosnan 

Devine and Brosnan are seen sharing a kiss on-screen in this latest show. Brosnan seems to have given his all to this show and make it as surprising and entertaining for the audiences as possible. He even smooches Adam Devine who is also going to be his son-in-law very soon. 

Brosnan also told in an interview that he almost backed out from the role once he read about the kiss but later decided it will be a comic addition on-screen. Devine also joked that Brosnan is a good kisser.