Debt Limit Bill Freezes In The US

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The politicians belonging to the Republican Party are establishing a defensive position with regard to the debt limit of the United States of America. They are posing as an opposition to the plans introduced by the Democratic politicians. Next week the lawmakers are supposed to return to the Capitol. And when they reach there they will face a plethora of deadlines that will have to be met.

Debt Limit Confrontation

They will be provided with a total of 10 days to provide funds to the government. And when it comes to increasing the debt limit of the country, they will have to make a decision within a few weeks. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, it seems quite impossible for them to fulfill the task within the next few weeks. The reason behind this is because both parties have polarising views when it comes to the debt limit. The differences are too wide for them to overcome within just a few weeks.

Dick Shelby, the senator belonging to the Republican Party, gave a statement on the matter. The senator stated that it was very important for lawmakers to come together despite the differences in order to save the country. The Alabama-based senator is one of the top officials of the committee of Appropriations of the US Senate. There is a solution for the Democratic lawmakers to pass their version of the debt limit. They can do it by using the process of a special budget.

The only thing that they require in doing so is a simple majority. However, they have refused to use the process. They have opted to use force for the issue. The Democratic lawmakers will have to get a total of 60 votes in order to pass the bill. And some members who are well-known for crossing party lines have already declared that they will not be helping the Democrats in passing the bill.