Did Dan Quayle Save Democracy In America?

Dan Quayle
Dan Quayle

Dan Quayle, the former vice-president of the United States of America during the administration of George Bush, is credited for a very important thing that he did for his country. It can be said that he is the savior of democracy in the country. He had been the reliable figure for Mike Pence, the vice president when his administration was just about to come to an end. Donald Trump, the former President, had high hopes that he would overturn the presidential elections that took place last year. 

Dan Quayle’s Actions

The role of Dan Quayle and the contribution he had in saving democracy in America is mentioned in a book that is yet to be released. The name of the book is “Peril.” The authors of the book are Robert Costa and Bob Woodward. They are the reporters of the Washington Post, the popular news source.

The book will soon be released. An extract from the book explains how Dan Quayle prevented Mike Pence from taking the wrong decision that would have had a negative effect on the democracy of the country. To explain it in detail, Mike Pence asked him what he should do in order to come out victorious. And Quayle reminded him that there was nothing within his judiciary to save the elections.

And then the Trump administration’s vice-president reminded him that he was in a position where great things were expected from him. And then it was Dan Quayle who reminded him that as per the law, it was best if he followed what the law stated. The most appropriate decision would be to go with the decision of the parliamentarian. Quayle reminded him that that was what he was supposed to do.