Hilaria Baldwin Says She Is By Her Husband As He Goes Through A Difficult Time

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin was passionate in her support for her husband as he goes through a difficult time after the shooting incident on the sets of Rust. She was on Instagram on Friday, posting a romantic picture of the couple embracing. But the caption caught the eye.

She stressed that she was there for Alec and loved him and would always take care of him. Hilaria Baldwin said that these words were the only ones that flashed through her mind as she heard the news about Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’s death on the sets of Rust.

Halyna was killed when the prop gun being handled by Alec went off firing a live round that killed Halyna and injured another technician standing behind her. Hilaria Baldwin said she remembers saying the phrase repeatedly. 

Her thoughts went out to the family of Halyna and the immense loss and torture her family faced. And she thought about Alec having to face that unbelievable nightmare.

Hilaria Baldwin could not immediately be beside her husband but she realized the immense pain through the photographs that conveyed the pain that he was in.

Hilaria Baldwin Recounts That The Moment Will Remain Etched In Her Memory Forever

Hilaria Baldwin recounts the moment that is etched in her memory. Se said the pain that he was going through as she spoke to her shocked husband. She said that she could not be beside her husband, couldn’t hug him, but she connected with him over the distance.

Hilaria Baldwin said that while public life has its advantages, it also has incredible moments of loneliness and can get overwhelming at times.

Speaking to the press, Alec has said that someone had put a bullet in the handgun, something that should never have been there. She concluded that she was there to share in Alec’s pain and said that she would be there to support him till the end.         

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