US Space Force Officials Says Chinese Space Capabilities Increasing At Twice Their Rate

Chinese Space Capabilities

The Vice Chief of the US Space Operations, General David Thompson said that Chinese space capabilities were developing at a pace twice that of the US. General Thompson was speaking on a panel of American space leaders and experts at the Reagan National Defense Forum.

Gen. Thompson Warned That Chinese Space Capabilities Could Overtake The US By The End Of The Decade.

He said that on average Chinese space capabilities are being built, fielded, and updated at a pace that is twice that of the US. It means that very soon Chinese space capabilities will overtake the US if we do not move soon. General Thompson added that 2030 was a reasonable estimate.

Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tennessee) joined Gen. Thompson. The chair of the strategic forces’ subcommittee of the House Armed Service Committee oversees the budget of the Space Force. Chris Kubasik of L3Harrris Tech. was also present. His company develops Airborne and Space Systems.

Cooper agreed that the US was in a race to stay ahead of Chinese space capabilities. He has persistently advocated the Space Force program but admitted that it is not moving fast enough to keep up with the private industry. He said that Space Force has to do more to catch up with the innovative private industry.

He said that to be truly superior, the US Space Force capabilities should go beyond the imagination of Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. While the $17 Billion budget was huge, we need to consider if we are doing enough.

Cooper suggested that the Space Force could be developed on the lines of the National Reconnaissance Office. It oversees US space satellites and provides intelligence to multiple US agencies.

Gen. Thompson said that his response to Congressman Cooper’s offer for help to counter Chinese space capabilities has always been that they need him to be their strongest supporter and the toughest critic. His comment drew uproarious laughter among the audience.