Dembele The Only Hope For Barcelona


Dembele seems to be having a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Barcelona did not have the best of their seasons this year. Their performance in La Liga and the UCL has been dismal. The team looked like a shadow of their past. Internal conflicts, change of managers, and the absence of major players have plagued the team. Barca was pegged back before the start of the season by the departure of Lionel Messi.

Messi was the star player for the team. It was his leadership quality that held the team together. Unfortunately, he could carry on with his old club. The new recruits for the team have also been average. All these led the team to have a mediocre season. However, Barcelona will be playing an all-important match in the Uefa Champions League. They will face Bayern Munich in their upcoming game.

The game against Munich holds great significance. The last of the league games is a virtual knockout match. The winner of the match will go through to the next round. Thus, it is a must-win scenario for Barcelona. They have a lot of hopes from their striker Dembele. He has been on the team for quite a while. However, this time he has a big task on his hands. Let us know more about the game below. 

Dembele Holds The Aces For Barcelona 

In order for Barca to qualify, Dembele must perform well. The newly appointed coach, Xavi has expressed his excitement for the Frenchman. Xavi stated that Dembele is a great talent. He hoped that he could perform well and see Barcelona through. 

Xavi reminded everyone of his Dortmund days. He said that injuries might have plagued his progress, but he still packs a punch. It now remains to be seen whether Dembele can win it for Barca or not.