Allen West Challenges Governor Greg Abbot

Allen West
Allen West

Allen West, the chairman of the Republican Party of the state of Texas, made an announcement regarding his decision to go against Greg Abbott, the governor of the state from the same party. Abbott has been in charge of the office for a total of two terms. The 60-year-old Republican chairman stated that he was tired of being sidelined. The announcement was made this Sunday.

Allen West’s Announcement

Allen West made the announcement of participating in the election when he made his appearance at one of the churches in the suburban area of a city in Texas, Carrollton. The name of the church is the Sojourn Church. The “Declaration of Independence” reading also took place at the same event. While he made the announcement, the former Congressman from the state of Florida also mentioned some words that are mentioned in the state song of Texas. And then he went on to mention the struggle faced by the state during their fight for independence from its neighboring state, Mexico. This took place in the year 1830. Allen West also mentioned the popular Alamo siege.  

The governor candidate talking about his candidature stated that he had come forth to provide service to Texas and the entire country. And that is why he chose to run for the seat. He also claimed that he, together with the people, would provide protection and defense to their home state that is Republican Texas. Allen West has a very less chance of winning over his opponent, Abbott. One of the biggest strengths of Greg Abbott is that he has the undying support of the former Republican President of the country, Donald Trump. As per the results from a poll that took place recently, about 77% of the people of Texas prefer the performance of the acting Governor.