Denver Broncos Coach Sean Payton Is Strict On Roster Spot

Denver Broncos

Sean Payton recently joined the American football franchise, the Denver Broncos on the condition to bring its players out of the problems related to their playoff performances. Coach Payton has since been strict with players treating each player equally who must prove their abilities and performances to be selected for roster spots. According to ESPN, coach Payton has commented on his stances, stating that it is not important to the Denver Broncos how the players had reached there.

The Denver Broncos had won in Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers scoring 24-10. Since then, the Broncos have not played a game in a postseason. Coach Payton however, does not consider the past performances of his players but rather focuses on them going forward towards the future of the Broncos. Coach Payton had jokingly stated that he would send gift cards and a new day messages in the meeting rooms during the 2023 NFL rookie minicamp. He intended to save for Broncos players like, Justin Simmons, Pat Surtain II, Mike McGlinchey, and Russel Wilson, however, roster spots will be allocated strictly based on performance.

Denver Broncos Releases Brandon McManus

Player Brandon McManus has been released by the Denver Broncos. McManus
had served as a kicker for the Broncos and played for 9 seasons. He was one of the
Broncos’ last players of the team that won the Super Bowl 50. George Paton, general manager of the Broncos had commented on McManus appreciating him for his excellent contributions and how he developed into one of the best kickers in the NFL. He further said that McManus will continue to hold an exceptional position in the history of the Denver Broncos and wished him all the best for the future.