Joe Biden Goes For Contingency Plans To Arm NATO Amid Fears

Joe Biden

Joe Biden and his team of advisers have silently begun assembling a team of national security officials to lay out scenarios of response to Vladimir Putin. The US believes that Putin is frustrated by the lack of progress in Ukraine and could unleash his stockpile of biological, chemical, or nuclear arsenal.

In Europe, even as Russia continues to move slowly using a siege war in Ukraine, over 35 nations have poured arms, intelligence, humanitarian aid, and money into the besieged nation. The coalition is led by Joe Biden and is mostly comprised of NATO nations.

Joe Biden’s Presence In Brussels Signals A Move To The Next Phase Of The War

US President Joe Biden arrived on Wednesday in Brussels for an urgent meeting with NATO members, the EU, and the G-7, even as the continent faces the greatest threat to peace after the Second World War.

This ‘extraordinary summit will pick on proposed sanctions, presence of troops, and other steps aimed at deterring Putin and bringing the Russian military to a halt.

The meeting swelled on 3 pressing threats, including the proposed response in the event of an attack on an ally, cyber attacks on the infrastructure of NATO members, and the chances of biological or chemical warfare on Ukraine. The response deliberated on the proper response, including military to such actions by Russia.

NATO leaders could declare more humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine, more sanctions, and pressure on the Russian energy sector.

The west has claimed that Russian deaths have crossed 7,000 and Putin has nothing substantial to show for it. Russia has disputed the figures, rejecting them outright.

This has raised the specter of the use of unconventional weapons in the eyes of NATO nations. The chances of a nuclear accident stemming from an attack on nuclear reactors were also discussed. There has not been a shred of evidence, but Joe Biden appears headed Iraq was drumming up the danger of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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