PSG Summer Updates: With Messi Leaving & New Manager Coming


PSG or the Paris Saint-Germain FC is bound to make important decisions this
upcoming summer. According to ESPN, the campaign of 2022-23 has been a bad
one for PSG, both off and on the soccer field. Paris Saint-Germain had been defeated in the Champions League against Bayern Munich in March, the Paris Saint-Germain certainly requires a transition to up its game.

Paris Saint-Germain managers Mauricio Pochettino and Christophe Galtier have been discredited both by fans as well as players, complaining about the lack of a proper game plan and improved style of playing. Paris Saint-Germain includes celebrity football players such as Newmar, Kylian Mbappe, and of course the one and only Lionel Messi, however relying on their instincts with the ball is perhaps not enough, and ideas, strategies, and planning are certainly much needed. PSG manager Galtier will be laid off this summer a year before his contract with PSG expires.

Lionel Messi is leaving Paris Saint-Germain after just two seasons. His leave was imminent as the team had suffered the disappointment of what was previously expected. Messi
joined Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2021, his presence has contributed to the growth of a stronger brand for Paris Saint-Germain all over the world. In Galtier’s place, ex-Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann is expected to take over as the new Paris Saint-Germain manager, while Antonio Conte, Thiago Motta, and Jose Mourinho among others might also be chosen.

Neymar Is Available As PSG Indicates

PSG has made Neymar available for the market, while Messi leaves. The club intends Neymar to leave as well, which will suit Paris Saint-Germain Director Luís Campos. Neymar however, still is within his contract with PSG till 2027. Putting Neymar on the market will certainly bring great earnings to Paris Saint-Germain. Campos now focuses on building a team around Mbappe which may benefit the club.