Department of Justice Has Elaborate Plans

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According to numerous GOP individuals familiar with Jim Jordan’s thinking, he is looking at ways to compel Jack Smith to testify or disclose details regarding the special counsel investigation into Trump’s handling of sensitive documents. Jordan has previously requested a large number of documents from the Department of Justice regarding the scope of the investigation—which Jordan claimed to desire first—and the carrying out of the warrant of a search for Mar-a-Lago. 

Jordan performed a transcripted interview with a retired FBI agent regarding the search even before the indictment. When questioned about potential subpoenas, Jordan responded, “All options are on the table.

Department of Justice Has Decided Its Course Of Action

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy mirrored the sentiments of many who supported the oversight initiative, asserting that Congress has a “responsibility” to hear from Smith and promising “accountability” for the Department of Justice even before knowing the full extent of the allegations.

“Why, in his opinion, should President Trump be treated any differently than everyone else? McCarthy drew a false analogy with a different special counsel investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of sensitive documents, which is still underway. 

A call to arms for the extreme right, which has long portrayed the DOJ and FBI as “weaponized” against conservatives, the 37-count federal indictment also rekindled a push in the extreme right to use spending legislation to cut supply to federal law enforcement. 

Jordan said the staff of the Department of Justice has been collaborating on important policy riders that would impact funding for the DOJ and other federal agencies. The House Freedom Caucus and Georgia’s Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a fervent supporter of the former president, discussed the idea of defunding the special counsel’s office during a weekly meeting that also served as a strategy session for how to best defend the former president.

Having spent time with Trump over the weekend in Georgia, Greene told CNN that she discussed the concept with him and that he was “very supportive.” In addition to bringing up the suggestion during a meeting regarding the impending appropriations process in McCarthy’s office on Tuesday afternoon, Greene requested the House Freedom Caucus to take a formal position on it.