Darius Rucker Arrested On Minor Drug Offenses

Darius Rucker

Country star Darius Rucker faced charges of drug possession on Thursday in Williamson County in Tennessee. Police booked the Hootie & the Blowfish frontman on 2 counts of casual exchange and simple possession of a prohibited substance and a third count of violating the state’s vehicle registration laws.

Authorities have reported that he was fully cooperating with police. The County Sheriff’s Office in Williamson reported that the alleged offenses happened almost a year ago in Tennessee. Darius Rucker was pulled over In February last year by an officer of the Franklin Police Dept for a minor traffic violation. The incident occurred on Murfreesboro Road.  He was released with charges pending the identification of over a dozen pills found in his possession.

Darius Rucker Released After Posting A $10,500 Bond

The arrest warrant against Darius Rucker was signed after the state Bureau of Investigation found that the pills were psilocybin, which falls under the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances.

Darius Rucker was released following the arrest on Thursday after he posted a bond of $10,500 and is not in custody. His attorney said that Darius Rucker fully cooperated with authorities and the charges were deemed as a misdemeanor. The initial charges had allegedly been about expired tags in his car.

Carolyn’s Boy, Darius Rucker’s latest album was released in October 2023. It is his first solo album after 6 years and includes several songs that the singer has labeled as intensely personal. The album is named after his mother Carolyn, who died in 1992.

Rucker said that though she moved on long back, he still thinks about her every day. He says that she was his greatest champion. He hoped that she would be proud of him.

In December, Rucker was honored with a Walk of Fame star in Hollywood. He was accompanied by his children, Carolyn, Daniella, and Jack.