Deshaun Watson Now Has 23 Lawsuits Filed Against Him

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

After another lady filed a lawsuit against Deshaun Watson in Harris County courts on Tuesday, he now faces 23 civil lawsuits.

According to the lawsuit, the massage therapist had previously chosen not to sue Deshaun Watson but made her decision after seeing Soledad O’Brien’s report on HBO’s “Real Sports” last week. A couple of other massage therapists accused Deshaun Watson of sexual impropriety during their sessions.

The plaintiff changed her mind after seeing the documentary “Real Sports,” according to the complaint. Pro Football Focus Ari Meirov reported the woman’s change of heart on Twitter. It raises the total number of women who have sued Deshaun Watson for alleged inappropriate conduct in his massaging sessions to 23.

Another Woman Has Filed A Case Against Deshaun Watson 

The sheer number of women is astounding, and while Watson has claimed his innocence all through the process, the figures are terrifying. After meeting with the NFL last week to discuss whether or not he will face punishment, the 26-year-old quarterback now has another issue. With another woman speaking out against Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, the NFL is under even more pressure to act.

The NFL does not require players to be arrested or face criminal prosecution before taking disciplinary action against them. It will be fascinating to watch how this plays out since many people felt 22 women was a large amount, but now that the number is increasing again, the matter appears to be far from done. It’s likely that the Browns quarterback’s situation hasn’t changed much. If anything, it may encourage the NFL to suspend the 26-year-old sooner rather than later.