Deshaun Watson States That He Has Never Assaulted A Woman

deshaun watson
deshaun watson

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, recently and repeatedly denied all the accusations laid against him for sexual assault. At an introductory news conference on Friday, the quarterback who was recently acquired from the Houston Texans constantly denied every allegation of misconduct that was made against him by close to two dozen women in multiple civil lawsuits.

The athlete claimed that he had never assaulted, nor disrespected any single woman in his entire life. And as far as the details went, he couldn’t really speak about it- since an investigation was ongoing. But he mentioned that he would love to talk about it when everything had settled down once and for all. 

Deshaun Watson And Cleveland Browns Could Be In Trouble

In both Brazoria County and Harris County, the grand juries declined to charge Deshaun Watson criminally- but he still faces around 22 different civil complaints from his accusers. Needless to say, most of them had alleged misconduct and sexual assault. When asked if he was regretting the situation off the field, Watson stated that he didn’t have any regrets. As he had mentioned previously, the things that were going on beyond the field had now made an appearance in the field- and he was simply taken by surprise. 

The front office of the Cleveland Browns also had to answer pretty tough questions about their decision to continue trading for Deshaun Watson. The situation was exacerbated especially as the team had also conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the situation- with Tony Buzbee, the attorney who represents the 22 accusers of Watson- stating that the team from Cleveland had never reached out to him to research Watson. 

Kevin Stefanski, the head coach for the Browns, went on to defend the decision to trade for Deshaun Watson- stating that Deshaun was ready to make quite a positive impact on the community.