Destiny 2 Exotics Released By Season Of The Lost

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Another season of Destiny 2 is here which implies that even more Exotics will be available for Guardians. With the advent of Season of the Lost, players can surely expect the usual Exotic seasonal weapon, with one Exotic armor piece every class, and much more. Season of the Lost also has at least one bonus quest of the Exotic.

However, everything is not known yet about the incoming seasonal weapons this season. Bungie has gone out to officially reveal four through the collection in-game, but the company has been hiding another. 

The Four Exotics of Destiny 2

One of the most popular Exotics of Destiny 2 has been the Lorentz Driver which is a void linear fusion rifle, which fits perfectly with the Energy slot and not the Power slot. The main perk of this rifle is Lagrangian Sight- which helps in the marking of targets that are nearby. In any event, the death of a market target leads to a Telemetry Pattern dropping on the ground.

If one were to pick up a Telemetry Pattern, they would be granted bonus ability energy, and picking up three of them without dying once provides bonus damage to the rifle. 

The second most popular Exotic in Destiny 2 has been ‘No backup plans’, which are basically Titan arms. The main exotic perk of this weapon is the Force multiplier. When one uses Sentinel Titan, getting kills via shotgun helps in providing bonus melee energy. Also, getting shotgun kills expends one’s melee energy in order to activate the Defensive Strike Shield. 

The third Exotic in Destiny 2 is the Radiant Dance Machines which are, simply put, Hunter legs. The perk of this Exotic is The Dance- where it allows one to dodge near enemies multiple times for a short period of time- making you practically untouchable. 

One of the Exotics in Destiny 2 that deserves to be mentioned is the Nothing Manacles which are Warlock arms, and their main exotic perk is Scatter Charge. This perk supplements you with another Scatter Grenade charge while enabling tracking for Scatter grenades.

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