False Positive Tries Hard But Is This Worth Your Watch?

False Positive
False Positive

False Positive, the American film that falls under the horror genre, revolves around Lucy’s life. It can be watched over the streaming platform, Hulu. The movie is based on the classic film of Roman Polanski that was released in the year 1968. The name of the movie is “Rosemary’s Baby.” The 2021 Hulu movie shows how the lead character slowly loses her sanity to the helplessness and sickness that envelopes her life. 

False Positive And Its Themes

The cast includes Justin Theroux who carries out the role of Adrian, the handsome husband of the impregnated Lucy, Pierce Bronson who plays the doctor of Lucy, and Gretchen Mol, the American actress who plays a nurse. Bronson and Mol are the ones who run the fertility clinic that appears to be quite fanciful in False Positive. 

The nurse is somebody who constantly reminds Lucy of how lucky she is to become a mother. Also, there is Corgan who is played by the American actress, Sophie Bush, an acquaintance of Lucy. Corgan is that friend who always giggles away the issues and doubts of her fellow pregnant friend. The writers of False Positive are John Lee, the American screenwriter, and Glazer. Both the writers have worked together before on a project called “Broad City.” It is an American television sitcom that aired on Comedy Central and made its debut in 2014. 

As the False Positive proceeds, the message that the film tries to impart is varied. It starts manipulating a lot of ideas that never form a united whole. And instead of engaging the viewers into the paranoid world that Lucy goes through, the film proceeds into scenes with enhanced violence. The movie’s beginning deals with how people treat women and pregnant women and the ending plays with a different conclusion.