Jared Padalecki Is Not A Happy Man Following ‘Supernatural’ Prequel News

Jared Padalecki
Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki, the American actor, and his fellow American actor, Jensen Ackles, worked together for a span of 15 years. It was on the series called “Supernatural.” It is an American television series created by the American writer and television producer, Eric Kripke. It aired on the WB television network. The two actors played the role of two siblings, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester.

The news broke recently concerning the involvement of Jensen Ackles in the prequel of Supernatural. And what is astonishing is the fact that Jared Padalecki was totally unaware of it. It was only when one of the entertainment sources made the announcement that the 38-year-old Texas-based actor came to know about it. The news was given out on Thursday.

Jared Padalecki And Ackles, “Always Brothers”

The name of the series that one of the “Supernatural” actors is to play in is “The Winchesters.” Following the news, Jared Padalecki took to the social media platform, Twitter, to share his feelings. He retweeted the news that was given out by an entertainment source. The actor made sure that he expressed his feelings through his re-tweet. He first stated that he was extremely happy for his co-star on the new project. But also indicated his disappointment and not his unawareness about it.

Padalecki stated that he would have felt better if he knew it beforehand rather than through some post over Twitter. Jared Padalecki further wrote that things would have been better if “Sam Winchester,” the name of his character in the series, had a contribution towards the prequel, “The Winchesters.”

This tweet led the fans to get confused. Most of them even carried the thought that this was not a serious tweet. However, later it was confirmed that Jared Padalecki was blindsided in reality. This followed a lot of commotion over the social media platforms. But things got better by Friday. The blindsided actor wrote that nothing would damage the relationship he had with his on-screen brother.

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