Friends Cast’s Zoom Chat Sessions To Turn Into An Unscripted Friends Reunion Episode

Zoom Chat Session
Zoom Chat Session

The iconic sitcom cast of Friends reunited via Zoom during pandemic isolation which is to be turned into a special stand-alone episode. 

The cast was supposed to come together for a special episode this year for the launch of HBO Max. An earlier report stated that the launch will be pushed back till next year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. A disappointment for all the Friends fans out there: that the special won’t be available on the first day of HBO Max launch as all production is temporarily stopped.

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A source informed that immediately after all filming was canceled, everyone started to panic as it had taken a long time to get their schedules to align. A delay meant a redo of schedules. Friends actor Courtney Cox informed a source that they took to an online Zoom meeting to discuss and brainstorm on ideas with their producers. It was like a mock rehearsal for their reunion where they ended up chatting for two hours. 

The cast now hopes the hilarious content of these chat-sessions will be released as a series of teasers or even a stand-alone episode. 

HBO Max confirmed this buzz in a statement, “We want to share some background information about the production dates for the upcoming unscripted Friends reunion special for HBO Max.” 

So fingers crossed while waiting for the cast reminisces in chat sessions. 


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