Details On The $1,200 Proposed Stimulus Check, Eligibility And Timing

Details regarding the second stimulus check are finally out in the open. On Sunday morning Larry Kudlow, White House economic advisor provided the details and also mentioned what other benefits are included in the Senate CARES Act 2.

The anticipation related to the second stimulus package has been the worst for many Americans relying on the much needed benefits to help them through this period of financial crunch. The coronavirus pandemic has left many Americans looking forward to the benefits provided by the State and the delay in the stimulus package negotiation and implementation has left them wondering- will there be another check coming their way?

Kudlow, on Sunday, specifies that $1200 checks will be provided to fellow Americans as a part of the recovery package. While this may simply seem good news but the eligibility of this fund is putting a big question mark to it.

The details regarding eligibility have not yet been revealed and will only be known once the bill is passed. Sources suggest that a strict salary cap will be a major determining factor. Many also suggest that the eligibility criteria might heavily be similar to the first stimulus check.