Detroit Lions Sacks Dave Granito

Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions have decided not to continue with Dave Granito. Granito was the main trainer for the athletes in Detroit. In the most unfortunate of happenings, Detroit decided to sack Granito. The report was announced on the night of Friday. Dan Campbell is at the helm of coaching duties for the team.  He broke the news. He stated that both Granito and the team have decided on a golden handshake. 

Detroit Lions In Quest For A New Trainer

The Detroit Lions would now require a new trainer for their athletes. As per the announcements made by their head coach, both Granito and the Lions decided to be separated. Granito was a part of the team since 2019. He initially used to work under the guidance of Matt Patricia. 

Granito boasts of a spectacular CV. He was previously the athletic director for Michigan University. He also severed the role of training the athletes for a couple of clubs. Granito was the athletic trainer for New York Giants & New York Patriots. 

Campbell clarified the fact that the sacking of Granito had a communication issue. There were no complaints about his work and how he programmed them. There seemed to be a communication gap between the two parties. He stated that the team was happy with Granito’s work. They did not want him to leave. However, some discrepancies suggested parting as the best option to be chosen. 

Jeff Okudah played as the cornerback for Detroit Lions. He praised and acknowledged the work of Granito. He stated how much he had been helped by Granito while nursing an injury. He thanked his former trainer and treated himself lucky. Detroit Lions are in search of Granito’s replacement. For the time being, proceedings shall be taken over by Tom Colt. 

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