Devin Booker Goes Out Of Game 2 With Hamstring Injury

devin booker
devin booker

Devin Booker was on yet another stellar performance this Tuesday and had scored 31 in 25 minutes. Phoenix was enjoying a comfortable lead. They were well on the way to an unassailable 2-0 lead against New Orleans Pelicans.

But then in the 3rd quarter, Devin Booker returned with an injury. Monty Williams, the Suns’ coach later revealed Booker was down with a strained hamstring that shelved him for much of the second half of the game.

The Phoenix Suns were strongly favored to win the home game, lost their momentum and ultimately went down in the second game against the Pelicans. With this 125-114 loss, they have now tied up a game apiece in this series.

Devin Booker Was Out For 3 Weeks In November With A Similar Injury

Devin Booker will expectedly go through treatment and a medical checkup on Wednesday to conclude the extent of his injury.

Williams informed them that they could be in a position to know more about the injury suffered by Devin Brook. He said that they had played without Devin Booker and Chris Paul before. So if they lose him, they would have to make do with the next man standing.

Williams said that the series would now move on to the city of New Orleans. The Suns remain the overwhelming favorites even without Devin Booker, but the pressure has suddenly turned back on the Suns. They are now without a home-court benefit and though their record is a commendable 8-3 even when they were without Devin Booker, the playoffs are expected to be another matter altogether.

Booker missed 7 games in November. Though the extent of the present injury is not known, the previous injury saw him out for 3 weeks. The Suns won’t have it easy without their leading scorer and where teams play multiple times within a short period.

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