Attempts To Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From The Ballot Process Can Continue

marjorie taylor greene
marjorie taylor greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s efforts to dismiss the rights of a group of voters from Georgia to legally move to disbar her from re-contesting for Congress have run into rough weather. A District federal judge paved the way for a case to move ahead, disqualifying her for her part in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

The efforts to disbar her are grounded on a provision included in the American constitution following the American Civil War to bar Confederacy members from holding any public office.

Amy Totenberg of the Georgia Northern District denied Marjorie Taylor Greene’s appeal for an initial injunction and also a restraining directive in this high-profile legal fight.

The American Constitution Disbars Marjorie Taylor Greene From Holding A Public Office For Her Role In The Insurrection

It also draws a parallel with several other cases that involve Republican lawmakers and their role leading up to the Capitol riots. The law clearly states that no person shall be a member of Congress if they have engaged in rebellion or insurrection.

The 47-year-old Marjorie Taylor Greene is a staunch Trump loyalist and has frequently clashed with the Democrats. She has consistently rejected allegations that she had any direct role in the January 6 riots last year.

Judge Totenberg in her ruling, running 73-page, stated that Marjorie Taylor Greene had not met the liability of persuasion in the prayer for injunctive reprieve.

The Judge wrote that the case involved multiple colliding constitutional issues that were all equally important. This had led to the complex legal issues involved very turning demanding.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s counsel said that the ruling was flawed. He said that there was a minimal adverse effect on Ms, Greene’s right to contest the election. He maintained that Greene had vigorously and publicly condemned the Capitol riots and termed the ruling fundamentally undemocratic.

He condemned the removal of Ms. Greene from the election process and said that the move would deny voters the right to elect a candidate of their picking.

But Judge Totenberg maintained that Greene failed in her attempt to demonstrate that there existed a strong chance that she had a chance of ultimately prevailing, based on her legal assertions. The next hearing on the case is on Friday.