Did Not Receive Your California Stimulus Check? Here Are Some Possible Reasons Why

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California has been one of those few states that were first to announce Stimulus Check for their taxpayers once the Federal Govt. stopped giving them. The California house of senate has tried everything in their power to make the lives of their taxpayers a little bit easier. They have started the Golden State Stimulus Check program from their budget surpluses and more.

However, even though the officials of the legislation promised a stimulus funds to their taxpayers this year as well, some of the taxpayers haven’t yet received those checks. As the unsettling feeling rises among them who haven’t yet got the money they were promised, here we have brought some possible reasons why. The board of Franchise Tax in California told news outlets that some taxpayers either do not remember how they got their stimulus check or changed their banking information without letting the officials know. This is why some people haven’t got their stimulus check payments yet.

Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Received The California Stimulus Check Yet:

Debit cards will subsequently be sent to all additional qualified taxpayers when direct deposit distributions, which are currently in progress, are finished mid-November. In a statement to a news outlet, tax board spokesperson Andrew LePage stated that inflation relief stimulus check payments are being handled as anticipated with no disruptions.

Are You Eligible According To The Middle Class Tax Refund Criteria?

The California Tax Board says, an applicant should be eligible as per their set of guidelines to get these stimulus check payments. These are:

  • People who have filed their taxes by 15th of October of 2021
  • Meet the adjusted gross income requirements
  • Has been a resident of the state for at least six months
  • Is not eligible to be known as a dependent
  • Should be a resident on the particular date of the payment getting issued.