An Engineer Of The US Navy And Wife Sentenced For Planning To Sell Classifieds

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A nuclear engineer for the US Navy and his partner has recently been imprisoned  for twenty years. There crime? Conspiring to earn money by selling classified information about the Navy to foreign countries. This engineer and his wife tried to posses hundreds, possibly thousands of US dollars in crypto by selling this information to other countries.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice of the country served justice to those who tried to hamper the sovereignty of the country for their own personal gain. Jonnathan Toebbe aged forty-four years, the nuclear engineer for US Navy is a resident of Maryland and he has been sentenced to almost two decades of jailtime while his spouse Diana has been sentenced to more than two decades in jail for their conspiracy against their own country.

The couple admitted to conspiring in Feb and tried to convince a federal prosecutor in WV to approve proposed plea deals for shorter terms. The deals, under which Jonathan Toebbe might have received a term somewhere between twelve and eighteen years in jail and his spouse a term of up to 3 years in imprisonment, were rejected by Judge Gina Groh, who claimed that doing so would not be part of the best interests of the nation.

Engineer And His Wife Sentenced To Two Decades Of Jail Time For Conspiring To Sell Classified Information Of US Navy To Foreign Country:

As per court records, the Toebbes entered into additional agreements in Sept that introduced them to the possibility of receiving heavier sentences.

According to a charging documents, the couple planned drop-offs of encoded SD cards comprising confidential info about nuclear submarines, particularly Virginia-class ships, for people they thought were representatives of an international government in return for several thousand USDs in cryptocurrency.