Nick Wright Has A Solid Reason For The 49ers Needing Trey Lance

nick wright
nick wright

Nick Wright, the very vocal analyst for FS1, believes that the 49ers missed out on an opportunity to give Trey Lance a chance at gaining experience. This came after the play by Jimmy Garoppolo before Thursday night managed to silence his critics for a single day before his performance against the Tennessee Titans brought the critics back out again. Wright believed that Lance should have been provided with an opportunity in a real game so that when the time came, his nerves wouldn’t fail him- especially in the postseason.

Nick Wright Believes Trey Lance Needs To Play 

Nick Wright also told his co-hosts of First Things First that while he wasn’t arguing for the inclusion of Trey Lance from the next week itself, he still needs to be a part of their game plan. The rookie needs to start getting some sand under his feet and be more ready before there was a huge possibility that he could be playing the playoff as the Niners are in the same boat as the Titans or other giants like the Vikings- although they have qualified, their QBs leave a lot to be desired. 

Nick Wright then went on to lump Garoppolo with other famous but out-of-form quarterbacks like Carson Wentz and Kirk Cousins. This, one could argue, was quite correct after the quarterback from the 49ers threw two costly interceptions which allowed the Titans to win the game. 

The gist is simple- while Nick Wright doesn’t believe Trey Lance would immediately be Tom Brady, he wouldn’t also make the same mistakes Jimmy G did. And considering how the Niners ended up giving three first-round picks in order to select Trey Lance for a reason, there was a time and place now when the selection had to be paid.